Frequently Asked Questions

11. How will remote robot game play work for FIRST LEGO League?
For FIRST LEGO League Challenge, teams will provide video with three, 2.5-minute pre-recorded robot rounds, time stamped within a single day. Team must secure a non-biased monitor (e.g., school principal, FIRST® Robotics Competition team members, other volunteer) to mark start and stop time for recording. More guidance will be provided in the coming weeks.
22. How will remote robot game play work for FIRST Tech Challenge?
For FIRST Tech Challenge, teams will play the season game, ULTIMATE GOALSM presented by Qualcomm, in their robot lab/area using a half field. Teams will not join alliances or compete directly against other teams in this remote environment. Scores and standings will be based on how many points the team scores in the traditional 30 second autonomous and 2 minute teleoperated periods. Registered teams will be given access to the official, cloud-based, FTC Scoring System to be used either in practice mode at anytime, or to record “official matches” within the window of their official event(s). Teams will be responsible for honestly and accurately scoring their official matches. More guidance will be provided in the coming weeks.
33. How do I register for an event?
Event registration remains unchanged. Teams should register with their local FIRST partner, and the partner will provide guidance as to whether your event is in-person or remote based on social distancing requirements.
44. How will I know if my event is in-person or remote?
Partners in your region will decide remote or in-person based on regional guidelines for social distancing. Please contact your local partner.
55. Will FIRST still need volunteers with remote events?
Yes! Volunteers continue to be critical to the success of the FIRST experience. Remote events still require judging for awards in FIRST Tech Challenge and awards and robot game play in FIRST LEGO League Challenge and for reviewing projects in FIRST LEGO League Explore.
66. How are we ensuring youth protection on the FIRST Remote Event Hub?
Youth protection remains a critical focus for FIRST. We are working with several experts, including our partners at The LEGO Group, to ensure our processes and tools are secure for all individuals, including teams. In addition, coaches/mentors will be responsible for interacting on behalf of their team with the FIRST Remote Event Hub; minors will not be creating profiles or utilizing this application.
Please note: Answers are subject to change as we continue to build the remote event experience for the fall.

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